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This project was created and grown out of deep concern from many in the San Lorenzo Valley for the welfare and safety of wildlife during the CZU fire.  This brochure aims to spread useful and important information regarding what an average citizen or landowner can do to help wildlife in the event of a crisis.  To see the brochure click here

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My Story

My name is Quinn Edgemon and I am a senior at San Lorenzo Valley High School. I was
raised in the Santa Cruz Mountains and have had a deep sense of passion for both forest terrains
and the wildlife that have roamed in them my entire life. When the CZU fire hit, it affected me personally. I had to evacuate with my family and miss the first part of the school year during the pandemic (which had already made going to school difficult). And, my grandparents' house in Boulder Creek caught fire and was partially destroyed as well. The fire opened my eyes to the destruction a wildfire can do to wildlife habitats. I couldn't believe the damage the fire did to Eagle Rock, one of my favorite hiking places. There was literally no habitat left to support pretty much any population of wild animals. It was devastating for me. I really wanted to do something for the Santa Cruz Mountain community that I love, and so I got involved in two projects that mean a great deal to me. I am currently volunteering on the Big Basin trail crew, which is restoring the burned redwood forest ecosystems in Big Basin State Park, and I have also been involved in creating this brochure to support wildlife during a fire and throughout the year.

Thank You to the following Programs and people for their tremendous help with the research and advice for this project:

Fire Safe Council of Santa Cruz
Fire Safe Santa Cruz County is a non-profit collaboration of several state and local organizations. The purpose of Fire Safe Santa Cruz County (FSSCC) is to educate and mobilize the people of Santa Cruz County to protect their community, homes, and environment from wildfire. They provide a wealth of information about wildfire resilience and preparation strategies.

Native Animal Rescue of Santa Cruz

Native Animal Rescue is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of injured, sick, and orphaned wildlife in Santa Cruz County.

ASSERT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to serve the integral needs of all animals before, during and in the aftermath of natural disasters.
ASSERT was created with the purpose of reuniting displaced pets with the families who love them.

The men and women of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) are dedicated to the fire protection and stewardship of over 31 million acres of California's privately-owned wildlands. In addition, the Department provides varied emergency services in 36 of the State's 58 counties via contracts with local governments.

UC Davis Veterinary Emergency Response Team

The UC Davis Veterinary Emergency Response Team is a unit that functions as a veterinary response team for accidents involving horses, mules and other large animals, as well as for emergency animal situations during large scale disasters, such as fires and floods.


An additional thanks to the following people: 

Joanne Kerbavaz - Senior Environmental Scientist, California State Parks

Kevin McClish - Retired Fire Chief, Boulder Creek Fire District

Michele Cardon - Director of Photography, Orange County Register

Jeanie Graham - Editor

For more information about this project, contact us at

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